Joe Zambon


Joe Zambon was not born a musician. As an infant, he had a rare condition in which fingers on each hand were webbed together. When doctors asked Joe—then three-years old—why he wanted them separated, he responded, “to play piano”. Two surgeries later, he took up piano and never stopped.

Growing up on a small family farm in Iroquois, Ontario cultivated in Joe an appreciation of simplicity while providing an environment for introspection. His love of music combined with a passion for the condition of the human heart formed the foundation for his writing.  Over time, he began honing his piano skills, teaching himself guitar, all while exploring themes of brokenness that gave way to moments of healing in his life. Since then, his stories of vulnerability have spoken to the hearts of his listeners.

Joe lived in Toronto for 8 years until falling in love with an American gal whom he married and currently resides with in Dallas, Texas.

Joe has travelled across Canada, the USA, India, Australia and New Zealand, sharing his reflective, soaring folk songs. Following his debut album Coming Home (2005), he released You Are I Am (2008), There and Here (2009) Sleeper. Rise (2012), Brothers (2014), In Lethbridge with Strings (2015), and Love Is (2017).



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Love Is

by Joe Zambon